Crime Locations In USA – Cities With High Crime Rates

Talking about safety in the USA, we must not fail to mention locations that have high rates of crime. According to the research, these are the cities that have the highest crime rates in the USA. However, you must take into consideration that not all of these cities have the highest rates of the same crimes.

Dangerous Cities And Crime Locations USA


According to official research, the first place is reserved for New Mexico State and the city of Albuquerque which has the highest rates of all crimes, with a special emp

hasis on theft. On the second place is Anaheim in California, which has high rates of all crimes, especially when compared to its relatively small population which is only circa 350,000 people. If you think that things might be better in Alaska, you are wrong, as it comes on the third place with the city of Anchorage and its crime rates.

 Which City Is The Most Dangerous?

It is not easy to conclude something like that, even if we do have all the data. This is because there are different crimes and in different areas of the USA certain crimes are more common than others. Which is why choosing objectively the most dangerous city cannot be objectively done. However, it is important to keep in mind these crime rates as each crime should be prevented and dealt with.

post1bCrime Rates in the USA

Crime rates in the USA have varied over time, but there was a sharp rise after 1963, and the crime rates have reached a peak between the 1970s and 1990s. After this time, crime has been on the decline which will hopefully continue in the future as well.

What If I Live There?

Should you relocate if you live in a community riddled with criminal activities? Not. In this way, you are making the socio-economic situation even worse. That being said, everyone would like to live in an area which is free of crime, but the best thing you can do is help fight crime where you live because chances are things will not be ideal anywhere else in the world either. Even as a regular citizen, you can help prevent crime. If you want to learn how do not hesitate to contact me.